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The Islamic movement: Chamber No. 4

The Islamic movement issued a statement Wednesday evening, December 2, 2009 that denounce the expulsion orders from Al Aqsa mosque against leading figures from the Islamic movement inside the Green Line area and from Jerusalem, and especially the last order issued against his honor Sheikh Aikrima Sabri.

The statement:

Chamber No. 4 that belongs to the Israeli Shabak (the internal Israeli intelligence service) in Al- maskubiya police station in Jerusalem has notoriously inscribed in the history of occupied Jerusalem, this room has witnessed recently the issuance of gamut of military orders that ban our religious, political and media leaders from entering the occupied Aqsa mosque since 1967, and therefore prevent them from fulfilling their religious and professional rights.

Such kind of religious oppression has been practiced throughout the history of passing religious empires, such as the Byzantine, the Roman and the Spanish. However it seems that Israel does not learn form history, and here once again the Israeli occupation summoned Sheikh Aikrima Sabri- the head of the higher Islamic body and the orator of the Aqsa mosque, on Wednesday 2/12/2009 to the chamber no. 4 to receive an expulsion order that debars him from entering the Aqsa Mosque, knowing that his honor Sheikh Aikrima has just arrived from his Journey to Mecca. Moreover the request leveled by the sheikh’s lawyer Khalid Zabarka to postpone the sheikh’s summons until Thursday 3 December, did not avail the tired and exhausted Sheikh; they have threatened to arrest him if he did not attend on time.

The Islamic Movement inside the Green Line area warns from the consequence of this policy that aims to empty the Aqsa mosque from its worshippers and scholars, therefore the Islamic movement considers this move by the Israeli occupation as going to far in defying the sentiments of Muslims all over the world. Thus the Islamic movement calls upon Imams and scholars to tackle this subject, furthermore it is necessary to treat this subject on the highest levels in the Arab and Islamic world, considering that these orders are nothing but a religious oppression added to other Israeli crimes against the Aqsa mosque.

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