Imam Khomeini

The letter of Imam Rohollah Khomeini r.a to his wife

Date: Circa April 1933 [Farvardīn 1312 AHS / Dhū’l-Qa‘dah 1351AH]

Place: Beirut, Lebanon

My beloved wife,

My dear! I have always remembered you ever since I was separated from my dear sweetheart and source of confidence and your beautiful countenance has been portrayed on the mirror of my heart. My darling! May God keep you safe and sound under His protection! Although things may be a little unpleasant, I am getting along; whatever has come about so far, however, has been alright and now I am in the beautiful city of Beirut.

I really wish you were here. There is a beautiful scene of the city and the sea. Alas! My dear beloved is not here with me; then how enjoyable the scene would be.

Anyway, it is the second night we are waiting for the ship. It seems that a ship is going to depart tomorrow, but since we have arrived a little late, we should wait for another one. For the time being, we are left in ambiguity. May God, by the glory of my chaste ancestors, give success to all of the hujjaj [pilgrims] to perform their pilgrimage! We are a bit worried in this regard but in terms of health I feel well and even better and healthier than before, thanks to God. It has been a wonderful trip. I really miss you very much beside me. I also miss your son. I hope both of them are happy and in good health under your care and the protection of God, the Exalted. In case you write to the gentleman and the ladies, give them my regards. I will be visiting the holy places for all of you…May the days of life and glory last long!

Lovingly yours,


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