The Lies and and Fabrications of Arab and Western Media against Syria


So is the Arabic channel does not get bored lying and fabrication so we’ll publish , but the news is not as claim .
Al Arabiya publication used to say that the image is of Syria and simmering public opinion against the Syrian Arab Army.
But after research, the audit found that the image is of Gaza in Palestine.
Link of the original picture–israel-launches-air-strikes-on-gaza/235203
URL of the page Arabic channel Al Arabiya

#المعارضة_ السورية تدعو إلى #حظر #الطيران والصواريخلمتابعة تفاصيل الخبر اضغط الرابط التالي..طالبت…

قناة العربية Al Arabiya‎ paylaştı: 15 Eylül 2013 Pazar

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