The resistance is following up and sending messages to the settlers


In a new violation of the ceasefire agreement, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) carried out a limited incursion into the southeastern outskirts of Khuza’a town, before moving along the Israeli security fence adjacent to that area towards Al-Fakhari town.

On Wednesday morning (1-10), eight Israeli army vehicles, mostly bulldozers, advanced less than 100 meters into the buffer zone and started bulldozing the land and shooting for hours.

Follow-up and stimulation
A resistant fighter, Abu Abdullah, followed up the vehicles’ movement from the very beginning and informed his leadership about it, he told our correspondent: ” The IOF is trying to convey a message through its limited incursions which have been carried out within the security fence so far, and these incursions are being carefully followed up by the resistance whose leadership decides how to react.”

The incursion into the west of Khan Younis, is the fifth limited IOF incursion since the ceasefire agreement went into effect on 26 August, along with other violations like shooting, continuously targeting and arresting fishermen and reducing the fishing zone, all these acts raise questions about the point of all these violations.

Abu Abdullah confirms that the resistance is totally ready to deal with such violations, warning the occupation of persisting in this policy.
Some politicians realized the point of IOF violations; they see them as desperate attempts to regain the trust of the Zionists after failing to prove the army’s deterrence.

Eyad Al-Qarra, a writer and a professor in Gaza universities, said in a statement to our correspondent that the occupation is trying to convey “a political and military message that it is ready for a new confrontation, in an attempt to reassure the Zionists and to restore the confidence of its soldiers that was lost in the war on Gaza.”

Settlers are scared to return
Most Zionist settlers, who live in the settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip, refuse to return to their houses unless they are assured by Hamas Movement that the situation is stable and that there will be no renewed confrontations. These settlers are worried because of the continuation of the blockade and Hamas’s affirmation that security in the area depends on the extent to which Israel is committed to Hamas’s humane and fair conditions.

Few days ago, Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas spokesman, affirmed in a statement that “the statement of the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, that he provided security for the residents of Nahal Oz is merely a fake show of strength, stressing that the security of Nahal Oz residents is determined by Hamas and not by Netanyahu.

An attempt to repair the failure
Qarra considers these Israeli violations as results of the Israeli security concerns, because the truce with the Palestinian resistance is fragile and it may collapse due to any violation like launching rockets or any penetration into the border areas.

He added that the occupation is still searching for tunnels on Gaza borders, as a completion of its previous military activities and try to recruit collaborators in the border areas and the sea to collect more information about the situation in Gaza, especially after losing many of its information sources.

And while Israel is trying to impose new facts on the ground through its violations, the resistance is obviously following up and studying these movements carefully and it is ready with many options. And because the settlers are aware of the fact that the security of the region is determined by Hamas; they refuse to return to their settlements.

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