The resistance security arrests a number of traitors and agents

The resistance security men in the Gaza Strip arrested a number of traitors and agents who have been delivering information to the Israeli occupation forces and the Israeli General Security Service, Shin Bet, during the Battle of “Shale Stones”.

An informed security source told the “al-Majd” security site, on Thursday that many of the agents had been arrested while trying to monitor the missiles launch sites and during spying on the members of the resistance, according to the orders they receive from the Shin Bet.

The source pointed out that the occupation bankruptcy led it to search for new targets in Gaza, noting that the occupation has been bombing targets for the mere suspicion, according to the initial confessions of the detainees.

The resistance security services warned the traitors and agents of going too far and communicate with the occupation and betraying their homeland and the Palestinian people, stressing that they will chase them all and liquidate them.

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