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The Sham Fight between Mursi and Al- Sisis(MurSisi), the same game that had been played in Turkey’s history

mursi and sisi

The Sham Fight between Mursi and Al- Sisis, the same game that had been played in Turkey’s history. The common results are the same. The People are targeted and no any bad results for perpetrators of the sinister plans. The Leaders negotiate then press the button, toot, start the war and watch the clash from their seats in tribune. Yes this is what happened in Turkey’s history.

                 The leaders of opposition factions were very close friends but pretended enemies while they are on the stage BUT the supporters of both groups were killing one another. The followers of those opposition factions thought that their leaders were loyal to their discourses because of their radical stances. There has always been like this but a very striking reality must be considered: The Leaders of any factions… Yes, the biggest problem that is NOW understood. All leaders of those opposition factions were the enemies of their OWN movements. The Leader of Kurdish movement was a radical enemy of all Kurds, the leader of Turks was a radiacal enemy of Turks, the leader of Leftists was a real enemy of leftist groups and the leader of rightist groups was a real enemy of his followers and movement. (and still the same) When the movement representing(?) the Kurdish People occured, then it was seen that the majority of their victims are Kurdish People. It was the villages of Kurdish People that were destroyed and set on fire. Nothing had happened to the leaders of their enemies(?), but it was the people who got killed, THE PEOPLE not the leaders. Nothing has happened to their leaders.
Throughout Turkey’s history We Turkish People have experienced this unluckiness and betrayals.There were two journals addressing to Turkish People during the clash of leftist and rightist groups in 1961s Turkey but both opposition journals were being prepared by the same committee, the same writers(seeminly different) and the same team even the printing house was the same. The leader of leftist group was in treachery and the rightist leader also in the same case but they had the same GOAL: to create clash among people and make them kill one another and they really succeeded. They reached their sinister plots and deceived many people BUT nothing happened to the Leaders of those so- called opposition factions, it was the People who got killed and who killed their brothers. Also it was those opposition Leaders who laughed from their seats. This is what happened in Turkey’s history and now the same plot in Egypt. Nothing will happen to the Leaders of opposition factions, it will be the people who get killed(and now being killed). Neither Mursi nor Al- Sisi is the man of their followers. MurSisi game had been played in Turkey many times. We hope Egyptians take lessons from our history.

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