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The Story behind Lebanese Forces Militia’s Ambush in Tayouneh

Lebanese Forces militia recalled on Thursday the Lebanese civil war which ended in 1990. Militants of the party, whose record of massacres is already full, killed at least 7 civilians in Tayouneh area, where a protest against politicization of probe into Beirut Port blast was planned.

It was 10:30 a.m. when Lebanese Forces snipers opened fire at peaceful demonstrators who were staging the protest near the Justice Palace.

Videos and photos circulated by media outlets showed Lebanese Forces snipers stationed at the roofs of the buildings in the area.

A doctor at the Emergency Department in Al-Sahel Hospital, where most of the martyrs and injured were transferred to, told Al-Manar reporter that wounds were in the upper parts of the protesters’ bodies, indicating that the goal was to kill peaceful demonstrators.

Hence, it appears that Thursday’s gunfire was a clear ambush by the notorious militia.

Victims were not only protesters. A woman in her house was also martyred as she was hit by sniper fire in her head.

Al-Manar revealed the names of the Lebanese Forces militia who took part in Tayouneh ambush.

George Touma, a Lebanese Forces militant, was riding a Black Wrangler in the area of the ambush. His son, Rodrigue Touma, another militant who was moving from one building into another and firing at protesters in Tayouneh, information obtained by Al-Manar dislosed.

Al-Manar also revealed names of other militants who was shooting at protesters: Nassib Touma, Rodney Asswad, Najib Hatem and Tawfik Moawad.

As for commanders who were guiding the militants and coordinating with the command of the Lebanese Forces militia in the field, Al-Manar revealed the names of three of them: Tawfik Simon Moawad, Elias Michel Nakhle and Shokri Bou Saab.

Meanwhile, the most influential figure who was tasked with checking the positions of the snipers and monitoring the military presence of Lebanese Forces militants in the neighboring area of Ain Al-Remmaneh was Pierre Jabbour, according to the information obtained by Al-Manar. Jabbour is the security commander of Lebanese Forces, who closely works with the militia’s chief, Samir Geagea.

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