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The Success of Islamic Revolution in Iran changed the World view

The Leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky delivered a speech during the ongoing Imam week at the Conference Hall of Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria on Tuesday the 1st of June 2010.

Sheikh Zakzaky spoke on the Influence of Islamic Revolution in Iran to the Contemporary World where he said the revolution under the late Imam Khomeini(QS) changed the thinking of all those involved in other Movements to bring a change and to the entire world how practically the power of people can bring about a total change in the contemporary society.

The Struggle and eventual Success of Islamic Revolution led by Late Imam Khoemeini(QS) has changed in totality the world view toward religion contrary to what obtained before the success of revolution where Religion was seen by many as Opium of the Masses as in Communists view; also religion was not seen as a complete System that can run the affairs of people especially in governance to the extent that religion was mostly considered as a mere personal affair between man and his God.

Sheikh Zakzaky further explained many instances where the success of Islamic revolution in Iran changed the thinking of individuals and groups. He is expected to deliver another lecture on 4th of June 2010 being the closing day of the Imam Week program.

Political Science Professor Sabo Bako of ABU Zaria who was the chairman of the occasion also delivered short address.

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