The Syrian Army Retakes the Industrial Plants in Handarat


One week after losing control of the industrial plants located in the northern part of the Handarat District, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) – backed by Hezbollah (Party of God) – recaptured this strategic area after withdrawing south in order to regroup with their reinforcements and prepare another assault on the Islamic Front (Jabhat Al-Islamiyya).

According to a military source, the industrial plants are located in the Al-Shaaher Quarter in northern Handarat, just south of the Handarat Refugee Camp in the Aleppo Governorate. This is an imperative area that is adjacent to the besieged Handarat Refugee Camp that the SAA and Hezbollah forces are currently entrenched in.

The militants from the Islamic Front tactically withdrew from the industrial plants as a result of the fierce attack by the SAA and Hezbollah; this coincided with the Syrian Arab Air Force’s (SAAF) relentless airstrikes that provided the loyalist forces with substantial air coverage to deter a counter-attack by the rebels. Following the attack by the loyalist forces, the militants from the Islamic Front subsequently pulled-out of the Al-Shaaher Quarter to the Handarat Refugee Camp.

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