The very wanted and dangerous known Terrorist commander “Ali Blou” has been captured by the awesome Syrian Army

Ali Blou

The criminal Ali Blou, who once appeared on “Al Jazeera” from Istanbul Turkey, bragging the news of over 2,000 Armed Fighters working in the Northern Countryside of Aleppo, but what really made this criminal famous, was the treacherous remarks he made on “You Tube”, where he declared that he and his Fighters would support Israel in a war against Syria, and if Iran attacked, America will join forces, to fight Hezbollah ..

The Terrorist Ali Blou, who is the Military Commander of so-called “Ahrar Souriya” Terrorist Brigade, belonging to “Free Satans Army (FSA), was reportedly captured near the Town of “Andan” in the Northern countryside of Aleppo, which is the main Terrorist center of the “Ahrar Souriya” Brigade, led by the none other, ‘Mafia Style Boss’ Criminal “Ahmed ‘Aafesh” nicknamed the “Billionaire of Northern Aleppo”, due to his Armed Gangs being mainly responsible for the theft of the Plants in the “Allermoun” district of Aleppo, which were sold to the Turkish side

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