The whys of accursing Iran by Arab countries

The whys of accursing Iran by Arab countries
Arab states of the Persian Gulf always accused Iran of interfering in their inside affairs.

The officials of Arab states of the Persian Gulf always accused Iran of interfering in their inside affairs, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The Recent meeting of Manama was not an exception and the same story happening in the foresaid meeting, the participants condemned Iran for the so called interference in the inside affairs.

The considerable point about this case is that these people have never determined the nature of Iran’s interference and without any evidence condemned Islamic Republic of Iran.

If we want to scrutinize the issues these countries proposed to corroborate their claims we observe that Iran have perpetrated none of them.

For Instance:

Has Islamic Republic of Iran helped opposition groups in those countries?
Has Isalmic Republic of Iran granted asylum to hoods and criminals from Arabian countries?
Has Isalmic Republic of Iran sent troops and forces to these countries, so as to increase chaos there?
Has Islamic Republic of Iran resorted to military operations in those countries?
Has Islamic Republic of Iran flouted the laws and regulations of these Arabian countries?

If this country has not committed none of these claims and issues, then what do these Arab countries mean by the concept of interference?

The only position the authorities and officials of Islamic Republic of Iran have chosen is publishing the events happening in these countries.

These countries are accustomed to repudiate all the demonstrations and protest happening in their lands and block all the possible opening for publishing the news.

In addition these countries bar people from forming political parties and all the media in those countries should abide by the rules of their governments.

The silver point is that Iran is not the cause of chaos and events in these countries, for instance Islamic Republic of Iran never urged people to participant in the anti-governmental protests in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia or other Arabian countries.

The only Iran’s movement is showing the real events happening in Arabian countries and publishing the news of chaos in those countries.

Moreover, Islamic Republic of Iran never urged opposition groups to hold demonstration for collapsing governments in Arabian countries; on the contrary, Iranian officials tried to help these governments to solve their standing problems and through the negotiations, provide solutions to the existing showdowns and conflicts in these countries.

But the question is that those countries, who are opposed against publishing events, have not really published those lies and accusations against Islamic Republic of Iran?

Haven’t they tried to increase chaos in this country through projecting the wrong image of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s government?

Why do they go into a paroxysm of anger when they observe the events happening in their lands published by Iranian media while they do not slam at the policy of some western counties and human rights organizations when they condemn the crimes happening in these Arabian countries?

Why Arab states of the Persian Gulf condemn Islamic Republic of Iran but not those organizations.

It seems that these countries can change the policy and position of these Arabian countries and international organizations through signing different agreements such as buying weapons; but all the attempts of these countries for stopping Iran from publishing events frustrated and they cannot change this position chosen by Iranian officials.

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