There is no end of beauty of Revolution-Ahmadinejad to unveil Nahid Satellite soon

Ahmadinejad to unveil Nahid Satellite soon
The President of Iran’s Space Agency (ISA) says Iranian Nahid satellite will be unveiled in February, 2nd 2013 (today), Iran’s National Space Technology Day.
Hamid Fazeli said that Islamic Republic’s president will unveil this project.

He also provided comments on Nahid’s features and added that the Agency would launch Nahid by Safir- 1B rocket launcher to space.

Fazeli pointed to Nahid’s main feature as being imaging. “Nahid is the only satellite with folding solar panels,” he added. “All Iranian made satellites had panels fixed on themselves. Nahid’s panels provide folding capability,” he asserted.

He maintained that technology used in Nahid was unique, and that Nahid would have a perigee of 250Km, and an apogee of 370Km.

Fazeli also said that Iran has been working to develop more advanced and capable rocket launchers, adding that “Simorgh is the result of such attempts, and Qoqnoos (Phoenix) rocket launcher will be also developed in the future.”

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