“Thousands of terrorists have entered Afghanistan”

Head of Afghanistan High Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah said that terrorist groups are fighting against Afghan people since the escalation of violence.

With the escalation of violence in Afghanistan, thousands of terrorists and terrorist organizations have entered Afghanistan and are fighting against Afghan people.

He called on the international community not to be indifferent to the unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and to convey a clear message to Taliban about peace.

Speaking in a meeting of three special envoys of Afghanistan’s peace partners in Qatari capital Doha on Wed., Abdullah said, “A few days ago in Doha, we talked for 48 hours with Taliban and agreed to speed up negotiations and a political solution with a mediator but Taliban violated this commitment and intensified war and violence and launched attacks on Afghan cities.”

Afghan government emphasized that achieving peace should be comprehensive and inclusive but Taliban were not ready to discuss key issues, he added.

Abdullah went on to say that Taliban emphasized building trust and freeing their prisoners while release of prisoners has not contributed to the peace process and cessation of war and violence in Afghanistan.

The current war in Afghanistan has led to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, he said, adding that hundreds of thousands of Afghan people have been displaced as a result of outbreak of war while thousands of other Afghan people have died and/or injured.

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