Threat of terror in UK on Rise


Following the attacks in Paris, concerns have been raised across Europe about what can be done to curb the threat of terrorism. In the UK the government is attempting to give more power and resources the intelligence agencies.
Europol says up to 5000 European nationals pose a potential terror threat after travelling abroad and that law enforcement and intelligence agencies are struggling to deal with this. The head of MI5 Andrew Parker says that about 600 Britons are now thought to have travelled to Syria 20
In an age where social media is a powerful tool, the online world has also changed how intelligence services work.
Critics disagree that giving a free reign to intelligence protects citizens. They warn that it infringes upon basic freedoms and civil liberties. Security services already gather unprecedented levels of data and civil liberty groups say this already oversteps the mark. And with allegations already being made against the MI5 for it’s demonization of Muslims, increasing their power may prove costly.

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