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‘Tie normalization with zionist regime a stab in back of Palestine’

Head of political Bureau of Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said that tie normalization with the Zionist regime is a stab in the back of Palestine and Islamic Ummah.

In a message to the leaders of more than 30 Arab and Islamic countries, Ismail Haniyeh called the normalization of ties between some Arab countries and the Zionist regime as a stab in the back of Palestinian people and Islamic Ummah.

The normalization of ties with the Israeli regime is a mistake and behavior that is detrimental to the interests of Islamic Ummah and a danger to the Palestinian issue, Haniyeh added.

He added that the Palestinian cause is exposed to great challenges that threaten it.

Hamas regrets and disgusts the signing of the US-led normalization of relations between Arab countries and the Zionist regime and expresses its regret and surprise at the Arab League’s cancellation of the draft Palestinian resolution condemning this normalization, Hamas political leader added.

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