Tiger Forces storm Tayyibah village in eastern Aleppo


Syrian Arab Army entered the village of Tayyibah (Teibah) after a joint blitz offensive was launched by the elite Tiger Forces from both Jubb al-Kalb and al-Afesh villages simultaneously. For now, Tayyibah remains disputed between hostile ISIS militants and Syrian government troops; however, preliminary reports indicate that ISIS fighters are in the process of retreating from the village entirely.

Over the past 2 weeks, the Syrian Arab Army has advanced rapidly west of Kuweiris Airbase towards the Aleppo city mainland. Remarkably, government troops have bypassed a large Islamic State pocket at Aleppo Thermal Power Plant – this strategy is caused largely by dozens of improvised traps, mines and highly entrenched ISIS fighters in the vicinity of the Aleppo Thermal Power Plant. For now, just a few ISIS-held villages prevent government troops from reaching their comrades at Sheikh Najjar in Aleppo city.

However, reports indicate that ISIS commanders are likely to call upon reinforcements to prevent the Syrian Arab Army from carrying out this maneuver.

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