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‘Today is one of the most openly disgraceful periods in terms of oppression’

On the occasion of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, Imam Khamenei delivered a live, televised speech on Monday, March 21, 2022. During his speech, besides speaking in detail about the Nowruz, the slogan of the year and the significance of national production in solving the country’s economic problems, he described the contemporary period as “one of the most openly disgraceful periods in current history in terms of oppression.”

Imam Khamenei explained that the blending of the Persian Nowruz, or New Year, with religious supplications and spiritual matters is one of the unique features of the Iranian Nowruz. He said, “Spring is a manifestation of hope, and it brings a message of freshness and new growth. This hope has increased even more this year since it coincides with the 15th of Sha’ban, which is the birth anniversary of the greatest source of hope in the history of humanity. Those who speak and write for the people, or those who send messages, should increase the people’s hope as much as they can, because hope is an important factor for progress.”

Speaking of his reason for choosing economic slogans during the past decade and also for the year 1401 SH, he said, “The reason an economic title and slogan was chosen for this year is the pivotal importance of the issue of the economy and also because of the economic challenges of the 1390s. Resolving these challenges requires planning, action and moving in the right direction.”

He stressed that the main issue for the officials in the Executive Branch and those who are involved in running the country is the economy. He added, “Of course, one can see new approaches being used by the people. If these approaches are continued correctly, this will be encouraging.”

Imam Khamenei stressed that the only way to achieve economic growth is to move toward a knowledge-based economy, “By a knowledge-based economy, I mean adopting a scientific, technological approach in all fields. The result of this will be a reduction in the cost of production, an increase in efficiency, an improvement in the quality of products, goods and products becoming competitive in global markets, and a reduction in the final price of products inside the country.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed that achieving a just progress in the economy and solving the problem of poverty is only possible by strengthening knowledge-based production. He said, “The number of knowledge-based companies should increase, and this can be done and is possible.”

Pointing to the existence of 6,700 knowledge-based companies in the country, he stated, “In the new year, knowledge-based companies should double in number in order to meet the needs of the country. But this should not cause some people to establish companies that are not really knowledge-based and are only using this title.”

Elsewhere in his statements, Imam Khamenei referred to the numerous global developments that are currently unfolding and said, “When one looks at current developments in the world, the rightfulness and correctness of the Iranian nation in its confrontation with the front of Arrogance becomes clearer than ever.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that the Iranian nation’s choice in facing the front of Arrogance was resistance, refusal to surrender and become dependent, the preservation of independence and strengthening the Islamic Republic and the country internally. He explained, “These decisions were made at a national level and are correct.”

He also referred to the current situation in the oppressed, Muslim country of Afghanistan and the way the Americans left that country after 20 years. He stated, “The developments in Ukraine are another example. The president of that country, who was installed by the West, uses a harsh tone when addressing the West.”

Imam Khamenei also discussed the issue of Yemen and the bombardment of the resilient people of that country that is taking place every day. He also spoke about the beheading of 80 young men and teenagers in Saudi Arabia and stated, “All of these issues show the darkness that has engulfed the world and reveal the true colors of the bloodthirsty wolves who are holding the world in their hands.”

Imam Khamenei stressed that the events in Ukraine show the existence of racism in the West. He stated, “Separating the blacks from the whites and taking them off the trains (of refugees) or expressing regret in their media that the war is taking place in Europe instead of the Middle East are examples of the West’s obvious racism.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution also pointed to the dualism of the Western world in dealing with oppression in different countries, “If oppression takes place in countries obedient to them, they do not show any reaction at all. Despite all this cruelty and oppression, they claim to be advocates of human rights. Using this false claim, they intimidate independent countries.”

The Leader stated, “Today is one of the most openly disgraceful periods in contemporary history in terms of oppression and arrogance. The people of the world are directly witnessing these acts of oppression and dualism.”

In his speech last year, Imam Khamenei had stressed that the economy of the country should not be tied to US sanctions. Stressing the necessity to continue this stance, he said, “Fortunately, the new policies in the country have shown that despite the US sanctions being in place, one can make progress, increase foreign trade, sign new regional contracts and make improvements in the areas of oil and other matters.”

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