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‘Trouble brewing over English-only votes’


Warnings are emerging that a recent bid by the British government to exclude Scottish MPs from voting on issues that involve England will create ‘unhappiness’ in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Binoy Kampmark, Australian-based Commonwealth scholar and a Cambridge University professor, has told Press TV that plans introduced by Commons leader William Hague – now known as the ‘English votes for English laws’ – has been in fact engineered by Prime Minister David Cameron to confront rivals like UK Independence Party (UKIP).

“This is a long issue in British politics and it suggests that Cameron is trying to get himself out of trouble with the likes of UKIP by moving into a more parochial position, namely, that England covers English matters as will other parts of the union,” Kampmark said.

He further warned that Cameron’s scheme could backfire considering the fact that it would undermine the legal powers of Scotland.

The British Parliament in January will debate proposals set out by Commons leader William Hague to authorize only the English MPs to vote on matters that only concern England. The move could bar Scottish and Irish MPs from voting procedures.

“The paradox is that the Union can still get Scotland revenue, but Scottish members will be limited in their voting resolve,” Kampmark has told Press TV’s UK Desk in an exclusive interview.

“Very unhappy times ahead,” he cautioned.

Kampmark further emphasized that Cameron’s bid currently lacks a strong support in London. He says chances are that the plans introduced by Hague will not be approved at the chamber.

“The main sense is that Cameron is tearing up the constitutional fold that binds the states in the union. But his argument is that more has to be done to counter the threat posed by UKIP,” he said.

“The conservatives themselves do not like this, and there are threats to revolt against it.”

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