Tunisia candidates against Takfiris


Tunisian presidential candidates have called for national unity to confront the threats posed by Takfiri terrorists in the North African country’s upcoming election, Press TV reports.

The candidates condemned the violence committed by terrorists in a ceremony on Friday, when they paid tribute to five soldiers killed by suspected militants in northwestern Tunisia earlier this week.

The militants attacked an army bus in the region of Nebeur, located between the towns of Kef and Jendouba, near Tunisia’s border with Algeria. Four soldiers were initially reported to have been killed in the assault and a fifth succumbed later to his wounds.

“Takfiris have divided our society into believers and disbelievers. We are here to show to the world that we have different political affiliations, but we remain united. We support our troops and security forces in their war against terrorism,” presidential candidate Mehrez Boussayene said.

Another candidate, Larbi Nasra, described the crimes of terrorists as contrary to the teachings of Islam and the holy Qur’an.

The remarks come as political analysts relate the spread of Takfiri ideology in Tunisia to the rise of the ISIL terrorist group in Iraq and Syria.

People who follow the Takfiri ideology of ISIL “think they’re defending Islam while they pose a danger to Islam with their ignorance and inhumanity,” journalist Ayman Rabai told Press TV.

Tunisia is now preparing for its first presidential election scheduled for November 23.

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