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Tunisia holds Intl conference against ties with Israel

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Arab scholars, politicians, as well as students and activists have taken part in an international conference in Tunisian Capital, Tunis, to support the anti-Israeli resistance front, Press TV reports.

The two-day conference kicked off on Tuesday, one week ahead of the third anniversary of the popular revolution in the Arab country.

During the conference, participants shed light on the dangers of normalizing ties with Israel and slammed the human rights abuses conducted by the Zionist regime in the occupied Palestine territories.

“The whole world should be aware that negotiating with Israel and its racist government and extremist settlers is betting on a mirage,” Mustafa Barghouti, general secretary of the Palestine National Initiative told Press TV.

Some scholars in the conference considered Israel’s crimes against Palestinians a strategy to occupy more lands in order to impose a “Zionist presence” in the whole Arab world, believing the political unrest in the region gives Israel opportunity to commit more crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The scholars also expressed concern over some Arab countries in the region normalizing relations with Israel, saying, “This is a real danger, we are fighting an enemy within.”

On January 4, some 105 Tunisian lawmakers voted in favor of a bill that would criminalize any ties of the country with Israel.

The bill, however, was dropped from the new constitution in the Saturday session of the Constituent Assembly after it failed to secure four additional votes. Tunisia’s constitution is scheduled to be ratified by January 14

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