Tunisian President’s decision to depose Mufti dangerous

20130709-153053_h491490Scholars of the Levant Union stressed that the decision of the Tunisian president to depose the Mufti of Tunisia, Sheikh Othman Batikh, because of opposing the takrifi calls and terrorism against Syria is a dangerous step that came in submission to the foreign pressures and extremism.

In a statement issued Tuesday, the Union pointed out that the Mufti of Tunisia is a tolerant and moderate who is aware of the teachings of Islam, adding that President al-Munisf al-Marzouqi’s decision to depose him came after the Mufti stood against the takfiri calls.

The Mufti described the so-called “Munakaha Jihad” or “Jihad of sexual intercourse” as a kind of adultery that has nothing to do with religion.

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