Tunisians Rally for Materialization of Revolution Goals

Large numbers of political activists and people took to the streets in Tunisia on Saturday to demand the government to set political prisoners free and materialize the goals of their revolution which started domino uprisings in a string of Arab countries in the region.

The Saturday rally was organized by ‘Neda Tunisia’ party and was held under the heavy presence of security forces.

The protestors called on the government to act upon its promises and materialize the goals of the revolution. The demonstrators also asked the judiciary officials to fire the affiliates of the former regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali from their posts and never allow them to nominate for parliamentary elections.

Tunisians overthrew Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011 after a month-long popular uprising that inspired similar movements across the region.

More than 200 people were killed in Tunisia’s revolution, according to a United Nations report.

Ben Ali’s regime has been accused of widespread corruption as his relatives controlled much of the business sector in the country.

Since the fall of Benn Ali, Tunisia has seen an explosion of political activity, with the formation of over 100 political parties.

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