Tunisians Say Conference Actually for “Enemies of Syria”

Tunisians protested Friday near the hotel that was hosting the so- called “Friends of Syria” conference, while hundreds broke the security cordon as an expression of their rejection to the “conspiracies” being drawn against Syria.

“We will not accept this conference, as we will not accept anything that could destroy our countries,” Al-Manar reporter quoted one of the protestors as saying.

“This conference will only succeed on our dead bodies… whether this conspiracy was Saudi, Qatari, American or Zionist, the Tunisian people will be able to confront it,” another angry protestor said.

The protestors assured that this conference should rather be called the “Enemies of Syria”, raising the Tunisian and Syrian flags, as well as banners condemning their government’s initiative to host the meeting in their country.

“No for conspiring against Syria the supporter of resistance,” one banner read, while another one indicated that “Damascus is the center of Arabism and the supporter of Palestine”.

In contrast, the “Friends of Syria” conference mainly focused on stating support to the Syrian opposition and imposing more sanctions on the regime.

A statement issued at the end of the conference agreed on taking the necessary measures for intensifying sanctions and pressure on the Syrian regime and its supporters.

The measures included a travel ban on the Syrian regime figures and freezing their funds, stopping investments, oil trade, and financial transactions, limiting diplomatic relations, preventing arms selling to the Syrian regime, and recognizing the “Syrian National Council” as the representative of the Syrian people who want democratic change in Syria.

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