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Turkey Attacks Western Al-Hasakah, Injures 6 Syrian Soldiers

Local media reported that six servicemen of the Syrian army were injured in a Turkish artillery shelling near Tell Tamer in western Al-Hasakah Governorate, northeastern Syria.

Local sources confirmed that the Turkish occupation forces and its militias targeted the village of Umm Al-Kif and the electricity network of Tel Tamer with heavy artillery.

The same sources noted that the attack caused significant damage to citizens’ properties, harmed the electricity network, and cut off power in the district.

The village of Umm Al-Kif and nearby surroundings were targeted by more than 100 artillery shells since dawn.

This comes two days after the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed its concern about the Turkish offensive in northern Syria, hoping that Ankara “refrain” from launching an offensive operation in Northern Syria to avoid “provoking an additional escalation of tensions” in the country.

On its part, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a message, on May 25, to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the UN Security Council protesting Turkey’s plans to establish a “safe zone” on Syrian soil. Syria considered the move “a form of aggression against Damascus.”

Earlier, Erdogan claimed that the Turkish army intended to “launch counterterrorism operations on Turkey’s borders […] the decision about these operations will be taken seen.”

According to the Turkish president, Ankara “will start taking new steps to complete the safe zone 30 km into Syrian soil,” noting that the armed forces would prioritize the areas used to launch attacks on Turkish-occupied areas, as per his claims.

Erdogan has also stated that Turkey will veto NATO membership bids from countries that have imposed sanctions on Ankara. After Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria in 2019, Sweden and Finland banned arms supplies to Turkey.

On his account, the Spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry Saeed Khatibzadeh has lately said in response to a question on Turkey’s possible offensive in Syria that Iran opposes “any military action and the use of force on the territory of other countries in order to resolve disputes between them.”

Khatibzadeh further added that Iran considers such military action to be “a violation of the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of those countries,” according to the Mehr News Agency.

Source: Almanar

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