Turkey floods northeastern Latakia with Jihadist terrorists



The recent arrival of some 150+ Jihadist terrorists in northeastern Latakia after they were seen crossing the border from Turkey. According to a military source in the provincial capital, these Jihadist fighters were monitored and tracked by the Russian Coordination Center as they crossed through Turkish Army checkpoints in order to enter Syria through the northeastern countryside of Latakia.

This was not the first time the Russians tracked a large concentration of Jihadists entering Syria from Turkey; however, the complete disregard for Syria’s territorial sovereignty has been one of the reasons the Russian Federation refuses rapprochement with Turkey.

Recently, the Jihadist forces launched a large-scale offensive to recapture a substantial portion of the Kurdish and Turkmen mountains from the Syrian Armed Forces; this would ultimately fail after a counter-offensive by the government. However, despite their failures, the extremist rebels continue to harass the Syrian Armed Forces in northeastern Latakia as they look to deter the imminent government offensive at Jisr Al-Shughour.

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