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Turkey surrenders to Western imperialism on Syria: Ralph Schoenman

An analyst says Turkey is laying the ground for a US, UK-involved foreign military intervention in Syria in hope of foreign support in the country’s own suppression of its Kurdish minority.

Press TV has conducted an interview with political commentator Ralph Schoenman to further discuss the issue. What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Welcome to the program Sir. Mr. Shoenman just how imminent is the threat of an actual foreign military intervention in Syria with US and UK forces involved?

It’s quite eminent. Then it’s been prepared as you know for a considerable time, step by step and relentlessly. Turkey has not only given open support for the Saudi and Qatari and Libyan and Bahraini and NATO and US-manipulated uprisings in Syria but had to hire an organizational base for these elements and threaten to invade Syria numerous times.

And Turkey’s parliament had given the government permission to do this. Turkey has been loudly advocating a no fly zone which in practice is the equivalent of a military invasion and there would be a requiring just that to support it. One of the primary motives in the power for the Turks to part from the subordination to imperialism is that the Kurdish population in Syria is the largest ethnic group in the world without a country and of course the Turks are very severely repressing their own Kurdish population over a decade.

So the dynamics of Turkish involvement have had a surviving the basis for evasion and this exemplified in the meetings on Friday where the United States Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced that the American military would begin deployment of Patriot missile batteries along with 400 US troops along the Turkish Syrian border, joined by 400 German and 360 death soldiers to operate missile batteries under the pretext of defense against the possible Syrian attack on Turkey entirely invented.

This is a significant escalation of the drive of the United States because the missile systems are to be deployed as air cover for the rebel forces which are essentially Islamic fundamentalist forces aligned with the Sunni desire to destroy the Alawite and non-Sectarian government of the president. That’s the underlying politics here to destabilize and fragment the Syrian nation as threats.

Regardless of the degree of opposition in the population the very many aspects of the rule of the government, this operation has zero to do with popular aspirations and the more it is unfolded the more the population has rallied behind the government because of the viciousness of these mercenary killers and the indiscriminate killing that they have unleashed.

Press TV: Mr. Schoenman, very briefly how much do you think Russia and China would be involved in a military confrontation there?

Schoenman: Well, one of the significant aspects of this is the declaration that the Russian and Ukrainian presence in Syria through technical support and through financial and economic relations should provide a target, namely that Russian and Ukrainian nationals are going to be targeted by these mercenary groups and specifically with the purpose of in fact confronting Russia in Syria.

So what we’re looking at here is a regional confrontation that the United States and the Israelis have engineered through their various countries telling surrogates in the Arab League that we’ve mentioned already, the Saudis, the Qataris, the Bahrainis and so on are using by the way the same Libyan elements that were deployed by al-Qaeda and the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Libya against Gaddafi and are now being unleashed in Syria as well.

Russia is targeted without question. There are all the elements of larger even global confrontation which imperialism is relentlessly unveiling in the context of destroying the Syrian nation. Hundreds of thousands of people are being wounded and killed in this process, countries being laid waste by the imperial agenda.

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