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Turkish army steps up attack in northern Syria amid concerns of new offensive

The Turkish army and its allied militant groups stepped up their attacks in the Al-Raqqa Governorate on Sunday evening, amid reports that Ankara is seeking to launch a new operation against the Syria.

According to reports from the field, the Turkish army and their allied militants launched several artillery shells and rockets toward the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces in ‘Ain ‘Issa this evening, hitting many sites around this key town in northern Al-Raqqa.

Local activists reported that a number of the projectiles hit residential areas in and around ‘Ain ‘Issa, causing fires and forcing the local population to seek shelter.

In addition to attacking with artillery and rockets, the Turkish army also used its drones to bomb the area, something that has become far more prevalent over the last two weeks.

It is not clear if the Syrian Democratic Forces have responded to this latest round of attacks from the Turkish army and its allies; however, the last time intense clashes broke out in ‘Ain ‘Issa, it proved costly for all parties, including the Ankara-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA).

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