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Turkish flag and ISIL flag together near Turkish Red Crescent.

“…But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.” (ANFAL 30)

It was about 5 years ago when the “Arab Spring” started. Egyptian, Libyan, Tunisian government were overthrown, but the governing of these countries were given to more despot, cruel, oppressor ones instead of the people of these countries. The global zionists succeeded to turn the tables to their own favours through their secret hands among the people. The hypocrites among the people in these countries strenghtened the hegamony of global oppressors more than the previous era. It was a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for global zionists to give start of their preplanned Syria project years ago. The dirty project was being performed even during the words- My Dear Brother Assad- of Erdogan towards Bashar Al-Assad before the war on Syria. Hundreds of thousands terrorists were deployed in Syria during that sneaky “brotherhood” messages from friend-faced neighbours. Thousands of tunnels were made ready during that time. The traitors, especially in the army, were connected to one another with billion of dollars, and with promises of higher- up positions after their “revolution”. All of them were ready to hear the command of their zionist lords. During that time they bought as many as terrorists they could, especially from the poor contries, across the countries via their NGOs that have been doing their jobs for years. Those who had all information about what were going on in Syria stated that THEY WOULD PRAY IN OMAYYAD MOSQUE IN TWO WEEKS. They stated that sentence officially because they had planned all details with all kinds of aspects, and they were sure to perform the plot and invade in two weeks. “…But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.” (Anfal 30). Then, the whole media cried for Syria declaring a new hot “revolution” following Tunisia, Egypt, Libya. They were sure that they would be able to convince people that there was a “revolution” of “people” in Syria just like other Arab countries, and it was going to be named “Arab Spring” too. Suddenly the whole world media turned their faces from other countries to Syria. They started to create fake photos, fake videos and publishing with all their media, websites, including leading world media. Turkish media was one of the pioneer leaders of that dirty movement. All of the Zionists, Wahhabists were sure that the borders of 22 countries would change and they would secure Israel by establishing the “The Promised Land”, “The Greater Israel”. Now, their dirty project failed, and all of their dirty faces of so-called revolutionaries were uncovered during this long-period war. Today, Bashar Al-Assad is the leader of his country by support of his nation. There is always a destiny above a destiny, and a best planner over a planner.

Turkey ISIL together


ISIL enter Syria via Turkey



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