Turkish Newspaper Documents with a Videotape Turkey’s Intelligence Perpetrating an attack on a Syrian Village

Turkish Yurt Newspaper underlined with documented proofs that the Turkish intelligence is involved in carrying out terrorist attacks in Syria, revealing that the camps set up by the Turkish government on the borders became havens for the terrorist groups which perpetrate massacres against the Syrians.

The Newspaper showed in a videotape broadcast on its website a number of Turkish terrorists, speak the Turkish Language, attacking the police center of the Syrian al-Sha’abaniya village after they infiltrated through the Turkish borders into the village.

The newspaper added that the videotapes show the attackers from the Turkish Intelligence entering al-Sha;abaniya village through Yayaladagi city, and the Salafi groups which reside in the so-called the camps of refugees informed the families that members of the Turkish intelligence participated in the attack.

The Newspaper quoted a number of the residents in that area as saying that a number of the armed terrorist groups which reside in the camps infiltrated through the Turkish borders in order to perpetrate similar attacks and massacres in Syria where the Turkish guards didn’t prevent them from sneaking into Syria.

Local source also stressed that Yayaladagi city changed into a haven for thousands of terrorists where the Turkish government do nothing to protect the Turkish citizens.

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