Two injured in militant attack on NATO trucks in NW Pakistan


Pro-Taliban militants have injured at least two drivers of NATO supply trucks in Pakistan’s troubled northwestern region near the Afghan border, local intelligence officials say.

This comes after militants targeted at least two NATO trucks in the northwestern Jamrud area of Khyber Agency on Saturday.

“The two trailers were on their way to Karachi when gunmen attacked them at different locations in Jamrud and opened fire on them, wounding their drivers,” media outlets quoted a local intelligence official as saying.

Security sources said the attackers managed to flee the scene before policemen cordoned off the area.

Hundreds of NATO tankers and containers have been destroyed in different parts of Pakistan over the past few years.

Pro-Taliban militants often claim responsibility for such attacks, saying that the assaults are in retaliation for the US killer drone strikes on Pakistan’s tribal regions.

However, despite frequent attacks on NATO supply convoys, the US military has not stopped its drone attacks on the Pakistani territory.

Washington claims the airstrikes target militants. However, figures show the attacks have led to the deaths of hundreds of civilians in Pakistan over the past few years.

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