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UAE Website: S. Arabia Facing Few Options due to heavy losses in Yemen, Forced to Accept Ansarullah


A news website of the UAE – a member of the Saudi-led coalition in the war on Yemen – said in an analytic report that Riyadh and its allies will likely come to recognize Ansarullah as an invincible power that will rule Yemen from now on, following their defeat in the war.
According to the analysis written in the UAE’s Eremnews, Saudi Arabia and its allies didn’t see a possibility for ground operations to support the weak local groups which still fight against Ansarullah in Aden, Taez, Zale and Marib and, therefore, Riyadh will soon be forced to accept “the undesirable option of admitting Ansarullah’s power and control over Sana’a and come into terms with the popular movement”.

It also underlined that the other option facing Saudi Arabia is continued war against Yemen which will lead to further tension and will turn into a permanent danger to Saudi Arabia’s security.

The website said Riyadh’s political and military victory is fading away in Yemen, but Saudi Arabia still imagines that its military strikes against the Arab nation can be justified by alleging that it is fighting back Iran’s growing influence in the region.

Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen in the last 80 days to bring its ally, fugitive president Mansour Hadi, back to power.

The airstrikes have so far claimed the lives of more than 4,561 civilians, mostly women and children.

According to a recent report by Freedom House Foundation, most of the victims of the deadly Al Saud campaign are civilians, including a large number of women and children.

Thousands of residential buildings have been destroyed, and hundreds of civil and public facilities were reduced to rubble as a result of the bombardments by Saudi warplanes on the Yemeni cities and towns, the group said.

The UN-sponsored peace talks with the aim of achieving a political solution to the crisis in Yemen is due to be held in Geneva on June 24.

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