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UK hypocrisy and Libyan chemical Weapons

The British government, which has been accused of violating the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), is to destroy Gaddafi’s secret stockpile of chemical weapons (CWs).

After Libya’s National Transitional Council announced that the size of the overthrown Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s stockpile of chemical weapons was bigger than what he had announced in 2004, the British media mounted a propaganda campaign saying former British Prime Minister “Tony Blair was misled by Colonel Gaddafi’s promise to destroy weapons in 2004.”

While Britain’s leading journalists and political analysts have repeatedly questioned the British government’s integrity over several issues ranging from invading Iraq to selling weapons of mass destruction to numerous countries including Israel, the British media said the government intends to destroy the weapons of mass destruction.

“Britain sends officials to Libya to help destroy chemical weapons,” the Guardian reported on Monday in a bid to divert public’s attention from the UK government’s activities surrounding weapons of mass destruction.

Furthermore, in order to justify the British government’s rapprochement with the Gaddafi regime, Blair told state-run BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that such an approach was taken based on Gaddafi’s assurances that he had dismantled his chemical weapons.

Nevertheless, John Pilger, the renowned investigative journalist and documentary film-maker, clearly stated that the British government has repeatedly violated the Chemical Weapons Convention despite claims that it renounced the use of chemical weapons in 1956 and destroyed all its chemical weapons subsequently.

In an article entitled “Lies, distortions and arms sales,” Pilger explicitly accused the British government of playing double standards on the issue of chemical weapons saying “chemical weapons technology and capability are still being manufactured in Britain and sold to some 26 countries, including israel.”

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