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UK to build 10 new nuclear plants


Britain has plans to construct at least ten new generation nuclear power stations in order to boost the UK’s electricity generation capacities.

The British government has announced the selection of ten sites in the UK for the construction of new nuclear reactors in order to curb the increasing power needs of the country and help ease atmospheric issues triggered by fossil fuel consumption by power plants.

Speaking in favor of the government’s original proposal to set up and launch 14 nuclear reactors by 2017, British Energy Minister Ed Miliband told Westminster parliamentarians on Monday that the UK needed to rely on nuclear power in order to confront Britain’s mounting electricity constraint.

“New nuclear is right for energy security and climate change and will be good for jobs too, creating up to 9,000 jobs to build and operate power stations at each site and helping leading companies access the international market,” he noted.

“The threat of climate change means we need to make a transition from a system that relies heavily on high-carbon fossil fuels, to a radically different system that includes nuclear, renewable, and clean coal power,” Miliband added.

The motion has been adopted in the face of a growing need for electricity in the country, which threatens to create shortages by 2015.

Most of Britain’s 23 nuclear power plants are old and due to close down by 2025.

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