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Ukraine another CIA coup victim: Analyst


A political analyst says the ongoing crisis in Ukraine is the result of another coup by the US Central Intelligence Agency aimed at seizing the crisis-hit country, Press TV reports.

“We need to understand that the CIA has overthrown dozens of governments around the world since World War II and that’s what happened in Ukraine. It was another CIA coup,” Kevin Barrett said in an interview with Press TV.

He likened the CIA coup d’état in Ukraine to the coups in Iran and Chile that removed the Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq in 1953 and overthrew Chilean President Salvador Allende in the early 1970s.

“So this is an aggressive attempt to seize the Ukraine by way of a US-sponsored coup and that is why the CIA is in Kiev right now consulting with their puppet government,” the commentator pointed out.

He also stressed the importance of looking at the CIA move as an attempt to “build a one-world empire.”

“The notion that the US and the West are just another geopolitical player on the world scene may come true someday, but right now the fact is that these people are trying to take over the world,” Barrett said.

The analyst’s remarks came after German newspaper Bild am Sonntag reported on Sunday that the CIA and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are helping the interim authorities in Kiev to crack down on protesters in eastern Ukraine.

The paper cited unnamed German security sources in its report and said dozens of CIA and FBI agents are involved in the offensive against the pro-Russian activists, who have seized buildings in several towns and cities.

On April 17, Kiev’s interim government together with the US, Russia and the European Union reached an agreement in the Swiss city of Geneva, calling for all sides to ease the ongoing crisis in eastern Ukraine.

Nevertheless, a few days later, the Kiev government ordered a re-launch of its controversial “anti-terrorist operations” in the eastern and southern regions in a bid to root out the pro-Russian demonstrations.

Pro-Moscow protesters continue to occupy a number of government, police and other administrative buildings in a dozen cities and towns in the region, demanding integration into neighboring Russia.

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