Ukraine cuts water supplies to Crimea

Ukraine cuts water supplies to Crimea

Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Aksyonov says Ukraine has decreased water supplies to the peninsula, as tensions in the region continue.

According to AFP, Aksyonov said on Saturday “Ukraine’s act of sabotage to limit the supply of water to the republic through the North Crimean Canal is nothing but a deliberate action against Crimeans.”

The canal, which was built in 1971, provides Crimea with 85 percent of its required fresh water.

However, Aksyonov pledged that Crimea would not face water scarcity as the region had enough emergency supplies, and the issue was under discussion with Ukrainian officials.

He also censured Ukraine’s interim government officials who “are acting like enemies trying to cause their former fellow citizens harm”, saying, “they will get a proper assessment from the people of Crimea and will always be persona non-grata in the republic. Usually, those who mischief hatch, mischief catch.”

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