UN Envoy Dismisses Arab States’ Media Propaganda against Iran’s Aids to Syria


UN Goodwill, Peace and Human Rights Ambassador to Syria Nazmat Abbas rejected the Persian Gulf littoral Arab states’ smear campaign against Iran’s humanitarian aids to Syria as “mere lies”.
“What we actually see is that Iran doesn’t limit its aids to just a group of Syrians, for instance the Alawites, and those who say that Tehran is only helping a special tribe in Syria and not others are lying,” Abbas told FNA on Saturday.

“Such lies have been fabricated by the Persian Gulf littoral Arab states’ media,” he added.

Abbas appreciated Iran for its aids and assistance to the Syrian government and people to help them resist against the terrorist groups, and said Tehran even treats the injured Syrians at its own hospitals.

Iran and Syria have had close ties in the past three decades. Syria was one of the most important partners of Tehran in war time with Iraq (1980-1988), during which Damascus closed the Iraqi oil pipeline carrying the country’s crude to the European markets.

Since 2011, after protests of some Syrian opposition groups turned into insurgency due to the meddling of certain western countries and their regional allies, Iran has been one of the main strategic partners of President Bashar Al-Assad’s legal government.

Iran has also held some conferences to find a peaceful way to end ongoing bloodshed in the Muslim country.

Earlier this month, Syrian Prime Minister Wael Nader al-Halqi appreciated Tehran for its crucial role in supporting his country and the axis of resistance against the Takfiri terrorists.

“Iran has played an important role in strengthening the stability of the axis of resistance against terrorists,” the Syrian prime minister said in a meeting with former Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qassemi in Damascus.

The Syrian prime minister underlined that the support of the Iranian nation and government for the Syrian nation and government had helped the axis of resistance to confront the western and Israeli plots for the region.

Al-Halqi, meantime, called on Iranian investors and companies to help his country’s firms in the reconstruction of Syria.

The former Iranian oil minister, for his part, said that Iran and Syria were on the same front fighting against the US-Israel plots for the region.

“Iran will do its best to render different aids and supports to the Syrian nation and government,” Qassemi said.

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