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Unbelievable:Chilean woman arrested in Syria on terror charges – Official


SANTIAGO, A 38-year-old Chilean woman has been arrested in Syria on terror charges, Chile’s top diplomat said Wednesday.
“The accusations against her are serious and complex, so this is going to take a lot of time,” Foreign Minister Alfredo Moreno told CNN Chile from Thailand.
Chilean press reports said the woman, identified as Gisella Carcamo, and her Tunisian husband Radwan Hamidi assaulted a Syrian military checkpoint.
Moreno said Carcamo has been transferred to a women’s prison in Damascus after being arrested some 200 kilometers (120 miles) from the Syrian capital.
In an interview with Syrian public television posted by Chilean media, a veiled Carcamo said she entered Syria with her husband.
“I thought that he had come here only for the religion, nothing more. And later I found out what was happening and wanted to return to my country, but he wouldn’t let me,” she said, wearing a blue veil that also covered much of her forehead and neck.
Her mother, Yolanda Carcamo, told local media her daughter traveled to Spain six years ago, leaving behind six children from three fathers.
Moreno noted that the woman previously had run into serious problems in Tunisia, and had asked for help from the Chilean government.
“At that time, she was given tickets to return to Chile, but in the end she didn’t use them. She did not return to Chile,” the foreign minister said.

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