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Unity is a necessity in the current special period

Unity is a necessity in the current special period
The 26th Muslim Unity conference to be held in the presence of Islamic, scientific and political faces. The conference to be held on Jan 27-28, 2012 and various programs arranged for this year unity week.
Given that, Head of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) underscored the important role of unity conference in providing a suitable ground for Muslims’ rapprochements and unity, highlighting the needs of unity in the current special era of Islamic World.

Q: As Muslims, We should take the cognizance of different factors which cast a shadow over the process of increasing unity and rapprochement among Muslims. Given that, what factors and problems will be discussed in the 26th international conferences? What issues let us step up and make a move in this arena and what programs you have arranged regarding the case?

A: There are many problems and many suggestions for them, because in this special period we need some practical solutions. We try to suggest and discuss these practical solutions in this unity conference. One of these suggestions is establishing different foundations and organizations. We try to establish different foundations for having united Ummah and to create the new period of Taqrib (unity and rapprochement) Inshallah (God willing).

Q: What role International conferences and meeting can play in providing an amicable milieu for more cooperation among Muslims?

A: I think that this conference can play a very important role to unite the Islamic Ummah and Nations especially at this period, the Islamic Ummah is facing many problems. Our enemies want us to be divided.

Our enemies want Muslims to be separated and be in different lots of groups. They want to fight with each other, so they try to increase separation among Muslim nations.

In this Special Period, we need unity more than before. We need to be united and stand against our enemies.

We need to come together, to discuss our problems and to find solution for those problems. This process let us InShallah(God willing) to establish a united Ummah and a common ground for our Islamic Unity InShallah( God willing).

Q: What is the role of Islamic government, regarding the realms of unity, and what do you expect from governments to do for paving the ground so as Islamic scholars be able to increase rapprochement among Muslims nations?

A: Governments in Islamic countries can play an important role and we hope that governments also support our programs InShallah (God willing).

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