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University students stage rally to condemn massacre of Muslims

A group of university students along with people from various walks of life staged a protest rally in front of UN headquarters in Tehran to condemn carnage of people in Bahrain as well as in other Islamic countries.

The students chanted various slogans such as ‘Allaho Akbar’, ‘Down with the USA’, ‘Down with the Zionist regime’, ‘Down with Zionist Saudis’, ‘Down with American-style Islam’ and ‘Saudi commits crimes and the UN backs it’ to voice their support for people in Bahrain and other Islamic countries.

The students also voiced their support for Muslims in Bahrain and other Islamic countries and underlined that they will continue their support for the oppressed people in those states.

At the end of the rally, the protesters issued a statement, urging the government to dispatch voluntary forces to Bahrain and in other Islamic states.

They also called for formation of a fact-finding committee to pursue recent events in those countries.

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