URGENT: Large Numbers of Fresh Forces Join Syrian Army for Maheen Liberation Operation



Military sources said on Wednesday that the Syrian Army has sent hundreds of fresh troops to the village of Hawareen in Central Homs province for the final phase of an operation to take the strategic town of Maheen back from ISIL.

The sources said that several hundred of soldiers from the Syrian army’s 120th Brigade of the 2nd Division arrived in the small village of Hawareen in order to reinforce their advancing comrades from the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) and the National Defense Forces (NDF).

“Over 400 soldiers from the Syrian army arrived in the village of Hawareen in what is likely to become the second battle for the strategic town of Maheen,” the sources said.

Currently, the Syrian Armed Forces are positioned just North of Hawareen , where they are presently watching the Russian Air Force devastate the ISIL terrorists’ ppositions at Maheen with repeated airstrikes.

The Syrian Armed Forces are likely to begin their massive assault on Hawareen in the coming hours; however, this is primarily contingent on the weather.

Sources said on Monday that the ISIL terrorists withdrew from new territories in the Northern and Northwestern parts of the strategic town of Maheen under the heavy attacks of the Syrian Army and its allies.

“The Syrian army, the NDF and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, in a fresh round of operations, broke through the first defense lines of the ISIL terrorists and forced them to retreat from al-Hadath village and the Maheen-Sadad military checkpoint,” the sources said.

“The ISIL withdrawal form al-Hadath and the nearby areas of Maheen town and Hawareen village occurred after hours of heavy battles, which claimed the lives of many terrorists and injured many others from both sides,” the sources said.

“Recapturing of al-Hadath has paved the ground for the Syrian ground forces to push their way into the Hawareen village, which is one of the strongest defense lines of the ISIL in the region,” the sources went on to say.

“Should Hawareen village falls into the hand of the government forces, the Maheen town will be under fire of the Syrian army from one more side and its liberation will be easier,” the sources pointed out.

Maheen and the town of Hawareen were captured by the ISIL after the army retreated from the region two weeks ago.

Maheen is home to one of the four main arms depot of Syria, and the biggest in the Eastern parts of the country.

Ever since capturing the city, ISIL has been sending hundreds of militants to hold its ground in anticipation of the Syrian army’s imminent large-scale attacks.

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