URGENT: Terrorists to leave Syria’s Homs in 48 hours: Governor


An agreement between Syria’s government and opposition militants to leave the Old City of Homs will come into effect in the next 48 hours, the provincial governor said Monday.
“We will begin the application of the initiative in the coming 48 hours depending on the situation on the ground,” Homs governor Talal al-Barazi said.
“I hope that things will go smoothly, in which case the initiative will be completed quickly,” he added.
Around 2,250 people, mostly militants, will evacuate the Old City area, which lies in the heart of Syria’s third city Homs.
“We have agreed that they will head towards Talbisseh and Dar al-Kabira,” Barazi said.
Barazi said that various logistical issues had been tackled.
“An appropriate route, the people who will be present at the departure and arrival points to ensure the security of the convoy, the security points on the route and the removal of the mines placed by the insurgents in the Old City,” he said, referring to the challenges.
“We have to prepare properly because if this is successful, we will be able to continue in Waer,” he said.
Waer will be the only remaining militant area in Homs after the evacuation of the Old City and surrounding areas.

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