US-backed forces succeed in making Raqqa 80 percent “uninhabitable”


As was predicted by some military analysts at and since the beginning of this year, the operation by the US-backed, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces to capture Raqqa from ISIS has resulted in the city’s complete annihilation.

According to the United Nations, the campaign by US-backed, Kurdish-led militias to capture Raqqa from Islamic State terrorists resulted in some 80 percent of the city now becoming “uninhabitable.”

This statistic is revealed at a time when Kurdish militias pulled a questionable stun in Raqqa’s city center following their clearing the area from ISIS. Here a Kurdish armored fighting vehicle conducted a series of celebratory wheelies in the exact same fashion that the Islamic State had done when it conquered the city.

The statistic might also serve to explain why Kurdish militias are constantly evacuating civilians from the city, even in areas where ISIS mines and traps have been cleared. It appears that there is simply no place left for people to live.

Whilst the general nature of urban warfare is somewhat to blame, there can be no doubt that the Coalition’s relentless aerial bombardment of Raqqa (which was more intense than in the Mosul operation) to compensate for the tactical incompetence of its militias on the ground is mostly to blame.

To this effect, the West’s double standard on the morality behind bombing population centers in order to defeat terrorist forces (i.e. – when Assad does it it is bad, when the Coalition does it it is necessary) has been revealed once again for all the world to see and the unfortunate victims have been the city and people of Raqqa.

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