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US creating disunity in Lebanon

The Hezbollah resistance movement has accused the US of trying to sow the seeds of discord and creating division in Lebanon by interfering in the country’s internal affairs.

A Friday statement by the movement charged that in order to achieve its own interests the US is trying to create disunity among the Lebanese by portraying Hezbollah and Syria as threats to Lebanon’s security.

The critical statement came after General James Mattis — US President Barack Obama’s choice as the new head of the US Central Command — said on Thursday that Washington would increase the capabilities of the Lebanese Armed Forces so that it could counter threats from Syria and Hezbollah, a Press TV correspondent reported.

“He (General James Mattis) aims to spur civil strife among the Lebanese and with their brothers through attempting to pit Hezbollah and Syria in a confrontation against Lebanon and the Lebanese,” Hezbollah said in a statement.

Reminding the US of Hezbollah’s key role in Lebanon’s unity government, the movement criticized Washington for giving itself the right to distinguish for Lebanon its friends from foes.

“Who gave the US central command the right to identify the enemy and the friend?” the statement inquired.

“Lebanon is neither a US colony nor a military base on which Washington imposes what it wants in a bid to achieve its interests that are identical to the interests of the Zionist enemy,” It the added.

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