US, EU for More Support, Train to Terrorists for more masacre, blood in Syria

US, EU for More Support, Train to Syria Rebels
US Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the US will provide USD 60 million in additional assistance to the Syrian opposition.

Speaking after attending a meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria” in Rome, Kerry said “the US will also provide direct aid in the form of food and medical supplies to the Syrian opposition, including the Supreme Military Council.”
In a similar move, the European Union amended arms embargo on Syria, thus officially legitimizing the supplying of weapons and military equipment to the armed opposition in Syria.

The amendment came in the framework of extending for three months the immoral unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria in violation of the UN Charter and the international law.
The new sanctions however permit the supply of armored vehicles, unspecified “non-lethal” military equipment and technical aid to the Syrian opposition.
An amendment to the EU’s sanctions, which will be renewed for three months from Friday, notably enables “the provision of technical assistance, brokering services and other services for the oppositon.”

A diplomat speaking on condition of anonymity said the provision for technical assistance would for instance allow instructors from EU states “to offer training in the use of lethal equipment while not providing lethal equipment.”
The amendments formalize a difficult deal reached by EU foreign ministers earlier this month to allow “non-lethal” aid and “technical assistance” to flow to the opposition.

After weeks of “divisive” talk on whether to arm Syria’s rebels, the ministers on February 18 agreed to renew sanctions against al-Assad until the end of May that notably bar the supply of any lethal weaponry to the country – regime or rebel.
The EU will “continue its work of assessing and reviewing, if necessary, the EU sanctions regime” as required, a statement said.

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