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US-imposed Caesar Act is preventing Syria from supply Lebanon with electricity: MP

A member of the Lebanese Parliament revealed that Lebanon is reluctant to renew the contract to import electricity from Syria, and is not paying the dues it owes to it, for fear that penalties will be imposed on it under the US-imposed “Caesar Act.”

The member of the “loyalty to the resistance” bloc affiliated with Hezbollah, MP Hussein Hajj Hassan, said: “We are importing electricity from Syria to support the Lebanese network and supply from Syria, and unfortunately, after the Caesar Act came, there are some officials in Lebanon who were appalled, even though the electricity was drawn from Syria. Syria is in need of Lebanon, because the electricity production in Lebanon is not enough.”

He continued, “Nevertheless, Lebanon is reluctant to renew the contract with Syria, in addition to not paying its dues, and the reason is confusion in the internal and regional Lebanese policies, and the fear of unjustified sanctions as a result of the region and the world being violated by the American arrogance that dominates the world with illegal and immoral sanctions.”

He stressed that “Lebanon and Syria have historical and geographic relations and common economic interests at all levels, including issues of electricity, water, security, politics and economy.”

The Caesar Act was imposed by the United States on Syria in June 2020, as Washington continues its campaign to isolate and choke the Arab Republic through economic measures.

Source: AMN

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