US, Israel-backed terrorists executes 4 civilians in Homs

Free Army militia executes 4 civilians in Homs
Members of Free Army militia has executed group of civilians of Homs and has attacked on the electricity cables that rich Edlib city, what resulted in the electricity outages.

4 civilians are victims to the armed men’s acts, who have infiltrated to the neighborhood of the new Wa’er of Homs and they set up movable check points, where the fighters of Free Army has kidnapped them and executed them, according to Breaking News Network reporter who assures that the armed militants has executed the 4 citizens by burning, slaughtering and shooting by gun

Snipers, who are linked to Free Army militia, snipe people in Bab al-Sba’a, which led the residents to displace to other places

Syrian Army forces carry put many of the military operations against the armed men in many of Homs neighborhoods, including Sltaniah, Bab Hood and the market

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