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US-israel,KSA,Qatar,Turkey backed ISIL Claims Virgins Separated From Captured Women, Given as Award to Fighters

ISIL Claims Virgins Separated From Captured Women, Given as Award to Fighters

Terrorist ISIL revealed that when they seized the Yazidi region of Sinjar in northern Iraq in early August, ISIL terrorist group separated virgin girls from the rest of the captured women for the sole purpose of designating them to be given away as sex prizes to ISIL fighters.
an unnamed ISIL security official stationed in Raqqa highlighted the terrorist group’s sex slave practices and revealed that Yazidi virgins were filtered out from Yazidi married women and mothers so that they could be awarded to ISIL fighters who contributed on the front lines for the militant group.
Once the ISIL militant had picked out his virgin, the girl would be forced to accept the ISIL Ieology so that she could marry the militant, the ISIL official said. However, after the militant was done with his “wife” he could also divorce the girl so that he could “pass” the girl on to another ISIS fighter.
“After marrying her [and using her for sex], he might decide to divorce her and pass her onto another fighter,” the ISIS official said.
The ISIL official also said that many of the girls that weren’t claimed by fighters in Iraq were brought to Raqqa to be given as gifts to ISIS leaders there. However, ISIS leaders in Raqqa wanted to prevent the public and media from finding out about the militant group’s practices of awarding and selling sex slaves. The leaders were not pleased that the girls were brought to Raqqa and ordered their sex slaves to be kept in remote towns in the Syrian countryside.
“The inner circle of leaders and security officials, and were careful that this issue should not be known as much as possible to the civilians,” the report stated.

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