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US knows construction in al-Quds is as in Tel Aviv

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says construction policies in Jerusalem al-Quds are the same as in Tel Aviv and that the regime has informed Washington of that in writing.

“Construction in Jerusalem (al Quds) is like construction in Tel Aviv and we have clarified that for the American government,” Haaretz quoted Netanyahu as saying on Sunday at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting.

The Israeli prime minister also said that Israeli policy regarding construction in Jerusalem (al-Quds) has remained unchanged for different Israeli administrations.

Netanyahu has repeated his refusal to freeze settlement expansions in al-Quds. Just over a week ago, the premier approved the construction of another 1,600 settler units on occupied Palestinian land.

The remarks comes as there has been reports of an alleged row between the two allies over Israel’s settlement activity and US officials criticized Tel Aviv over the issue.

The Israeli prime minister is scheduled to leave for Washington Sunday night with Defense Minister Ehud Barak to attend the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington. Opposition leader MK Tzipi Livni and Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau will also accompany him.

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