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US must be held accountable for regional tyrants’ crimes

Iran Ambassador to Syria referring to regional nations’ Islamic awareness said here Wednesday White House must be held accountable for criminal acts of regional tyrant dictators.

According to the IRNA correspondent in Syria, The IRI Ambassador to Syria and the President’s Consultant in Palestine Affairs Hojjatoleslam Seyyed Ahmad Mousavi opined that the US dossier regarding the ongoing regional developments is “quite black.”
Referring to the drastic regional developments and revolutions in the Arab world and beyond, Mousavi said, “The US officials that have always supported the tyrant rulers must be asked why they backed up the ousted Egyptian regime for 30 years?”
The IRI Presidential Consultant in Palestinian Affairs said that the Middle East has a special potential for managing the world and that the enemies are well aware of the point, arguing, “The most important matter in the region is the Palestine issue.”
Mousavi said, “At the current juncture of time the United States, the west, and some Arab countries have joined hands and facilitated their entire potentials at the service of urging the Arabs to compromise with the Zionist regime, while their similar efforts used to face defeat one after the other thanks to the close cooperation between Iran and Syria, which is why they have got united in fomenting crisis in Syria, just because it is allied with Iran in the region.
Mousavi referred to Syria’s stand regarding Palestine issue and defense of Damascus for resistance, as well as the present day support of such countries as Egypt and Tunisia of the same policy, arguing, “That is why by weakening Syria, they intend to urge Damascus to compromise over Palestine issue.”
The Iranian ambassador to Syria said that the other scenario of the enemies is sowing the seeds of discord between Iran, Syria, and the Hezbollah, arguing, “The westerners’ efforts aimed at evacuation of the Palestinian leaders from Syria is aimed at paving the path for Damascus to recognize the legitimacy of Israel.”

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