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US needs Mideast wars to sell weapons


Press TV has conducted an interview with Hussein al-Bukhaiti, a Yemeni activist and political commentator, in Sana’a, to discuss the Western countries’ support for Saudi Arabia’s aggression against Yemen.

This is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: The French president obviously has a star on his report card and resume for attending this summit of the Persian Gulf countries. So, their support for Saudi Arabia, who has used cluster ammunition inside Yemen, these are US-made cluster munitions, doesn’t that go against the whole notion of democracy that they preach?

Al-Bukhaiti: Yes, exactly. As the human rights report has said, the Saudis have used cluster bombs in some areas in Sa’ada. And I want to remind the people watching your channel that they have done that in 2009 and they used thousands of American cluster bombs and this is against the international law.

If the United States and Saudi Arabia have not signed to the cluster bomb ban but the United Sates is responsible and they should not give weapons to the countries that can be used in them into civilian areas; and if you see most of the Western countries are in this conspiracy in fighting Yemen and is not only Saudi Arabia… the United States is behind it, the United Kingdom and as well the French government… and even any government in Europe that has not said anything or stand against this war… it must be with it.

Press TV: It is interesting to see it is not just France that we see selling arms, the UK obviously sells arms to these Persian Gulf countries, also obviously the United States is selling arms. Is that a precondition for the relationship? These Western countries say, ‘You have to buy our arms; then way lay off the human rights violations that take place in the countries?’

Al-Bukhaiti: Yes, exactly. This is how the United States and other countries make money from their weapon industry. They will sell your weapons and then they know they are selling it to a dictatorship but there are responsible for any casualty in Yemen and the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates and other [Persian] Gulf states are almost the number one in buying from the United States.

And I think the United States for its war machine to continue producing weapons, they need to start a war every ten to 20 years. They done in Afghanistan, they done in Iraq, they done in Syria and then in Libya and now it was time for Yemen and I am sure the time after that going to come to come to one country that I expect it to be Egypt because I know that it does not matter if Egypt is with Saudis and the Americans now, but as long as a strong army is near Israel, they will at one point try to destroy it as the same they did in Syria.

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